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Real Girls WhatsApp Number List For Friendship 2021

Real Girls WhatsApp Number List For Friendship
whatsapp numbers girl list

गर्ल्स फ्रेंडशिप व्हाट्सएप नंबर

Name: moni

Age: 19

Number: 9652034787

Name: Knachana

Age: 20

Number: 8061412035

Name: Babita

Age: 23

Number: 8256103174

Name: Shruti

Age: 21

Number: 8757144275

Name: Shital

Age: 24

Number: 8751439175

Name: Nagina

Age: 21

Number: 8054571029

Name: Aafrin

Age: 25

Number: 8859314756

Name: Jasmi

Age: 22

Number: 9852478515

Name: Neha

Age: 29

Number: 9085023134

Name: Amrita

Age: 26

Number: 8088705478

Name: Sima

Age: 24

Number: 7047856324

Name: Dolly

Age: 27

Number: 8745874025

Name: Sweety

Age: 22

Number: 9393470158

Name: Henna

Age: 29

Number: 8090521432

Name: Jaysvi

Age: 22

Number: 8778023654

Name: Reshma

Age: 27

Number: 8089745845

Name: Prithy

Age: 34

Number: 8990245710

Name: Soni

Age: 23

Number: 8775291347

Name: Jubiyan

Age: 31

Number: 8774520142

Name: Najim

Age: 21

Number: 8223366417

Name: Jyoti

Age: 28

Number: 8778998541

Name: Swaleha

Age: 24

Number: 9663415897

Name: Neeta

Age: 26

Number: 8552214751

Name: Shila

Age: 27

Number: 7448851273

Name: Keerthy

Age: 27

Number: 9545784560

Name: Sonal

Age: 22

Number: 8459657845

Name: Akira

Age: 25

Number: 8459781562

Name: Deepti

Age: 24

Number: 8458856216

Name: simaran

Age: 29

Number: 9660021265

Name: Hema

Age: 31

Number: 9171231265

Name: Dillo

Age: 19

Number: 9612120965

Name: Pikako

Age: 22

Number: 6263321265

Name: Amrita

Age: 24

Number: 8856328854

Name: Shivani

Age: 22

Number: 7756328415

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